Trapped In Florida and Need Help To Get Home

Last year, we decided to visit Florida and stay in an Air B&B for the winter. Me, my sister, and my mother, all went. Our father could not come because he is army, and needed to stay for work. For the first three months, everything was fine. The total cost of the three months was about $2000. Trouble came around January. We were running out of money, and we had planned to stay until March at the very latest. The person we were staying with offered us a month to month lease at a slightly lower cost. We agreed, had to get jobs in a pinch, one of which involved working as this person's nanny for ~3 dollars an hour, and we stayed there until late March. This is when we were told to "pack our s*** and get out", under absolutely no prior notice, and we were left homeless (living out of roach motels with the help of my father who was still home, working in Pennsylvania).
We didn't have enough money to go back to PA. With no shelters available around us, we were forced to leave our jobs, and go to Tallahassee FL in search of a roof over our heads. We safely drive from our Air B&B in Panama City, to Tallahassee FL. After three weeks of hotels, we discover an open apartment - aka, the one that we are living in currently. It was advertised as an unfurnished three bedroom, and it costs $1,200 a month. This was affordable for us, so we immediately took it, otherwise we would have been without a place to stay. This turned out to be a huge mistake. The place did not have working locks, front door or back door... We are told this will be fixed before we even move in. Come moving day, locks are still not fixed, and we also discover that there are no screens OR locks on the windows. Further inspection proved a laundry list of issues. We do not have a working dishwasher, the countertops are PAINTED (and therefore stick to everything), there is a hidden hole in our kitchen ceiling, the whole apartment complex is infested with hornets when my mother has a severe bee allergy, and one of the bathroom tubs leak with no way to stop it, when we pay for water. The first night we stay, someone attempts to break into our home but runs off when we meet them at the back door. While we were not home, someone also had entered our house, used our clean microwave, left dog droppings in one of the bedrooms, and used our bathroom. We report this and we are told that we are over-reacting, and that it is impossible, even though we have photos and videos to prove it.

​It took management two weeks of consistent complaining to put locks on our doors, and another week to put locks on our windows. The locks on our windows fall off and don't work unless we wedge it in... We have been living like this since late March. We are still in a very bad situation, and would like to go home to Pennsylvania (or Virginia at the very least, as there is family there). Two out of three of us are working. I myself have scoliosis and an injured disk in my back, which prevents me from doing most manual labor. I am searching for a job but so far no one has contacted me, and I fear no one will. It is impossible to save money, as everything goes towards rent and food. We are in a perpetual loop and we need help to get out of this mess. We just want to go home. So please, if you can consider donating to us, you would be a literal life savor. Please, please help us get out of Florida!!

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Aug 20, 2021

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  • 3 people rented a place in Panama City, Florida in the winter and the first 3 months totaled $2,000 rent.... Was this in 1980 ?

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