Just in time for Halloween. True Story!!!!

I recently moved into a Rental Home while mine was being repaired due to extensive Storm Damage. I basically had bare bones Furniture with me since I wasn't going to move my things back to my House when completed. My Bed was an Air Mattress. The house was older and nothing was out of the norm compared to the other homes. So the first night I went to sleep in the Master Bedroom on my Air Mattress. During the night I woke up because someone was tapping me on the Chest I thought. Scared the h*** out of me to be honest it felt so real. Turned the Light on and nothing was there, checked the Locks on the Door and went back to sleep. The next Two nights the same thing happened again and on the Third night it felt like someone had actually slapped me on the Chest. I spent the rest of the night in the Living Room in a chair Streaming Movies on my Laptop until I fell asleep. The next day I went to the neighbors next Door and found out there was an old Man that had lived there before and passed away. One Neighbor had a Key and found him dead in his Bedroom. I figured I would stay one more night but I was going to contact my Insurance Company to find me another place to stay. That night I moved my Air Mattress to the spare Bedroom and never had any thing happen during the night. I stayed for Two months and even though nothing else happened I was glad to get out of that House!

Oct 27, 2015

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  • Following college I moved into my long deceased GPs house. It was pretty late & I was watching a Blokbustr movie in their bdrm. Nude scene came on. 5 times in 5 minutes the cassette player turned off. More irritated than impressed by my grandmother’s morality lesson I asked her to stop. Sorry to say she never tried again.

  • B**** of iron

  • Spooky!

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