Mistress Anna

Ok, I'll admit it . I have a foot fetish. My wife never quite understood my kink. For 10 years she let me do what I needed to in order to get off. She always seemed weirded out by my fetish. A few weeks ago I was in the grocery store . I was simply performing my weekly ritual of buying groceries when I saw her. She was a tall very well built women. Tan and older than myself. Whenever I see a women I immediately look at her legs and feet. It is summer here so every women is wearing sandals or flip flops. A foot fetish heaven. This women had the most incredibly toned legs and perfectly pedicured feet. I couldn't help but stare. She caught my gaze and smiled wickedly. She continued her shopping and I followed. Her feet were perfect. Her toes impeccable. I had never seen such perfection. She stopped at the meat selections and seemed confused. I quickly moved to her side and asked if I could help. She spoke in almost a growl. Her eyes burned holes through my soul. You've been following me, she said with utter comfidance. I froze. What are you looking for , she asked. With trembling lips I said , your increbalbly sexy. What's sexy about me, she posed. She was arrogant and clearly dominate. I mustered courage and said , your legs and feet. She looked me up and down and Said , you may be worthy. She reached into her purse and gave me a card. Call me by tonight she commanded . I watched her walk away almost not believing what had just happened. When ingot home I tried to convince myself that thins was not real. Yet, I had the card in my hand . I quickly dialed the number ready to hang up if she answered. That took you too long , she snapped. I'm ready for you now. I took a deep breath and asked , ready for what? To worship me , she said with a laugh. She gave directions to her house , which was close to mine, and told me to be there in 10 min. I raced the 3 miles. I came to a large house and knocked on the door. She answered it wearing a long black gown , stockings and black high healed shoes. She invited me in and instructed me to sit down in a large chair. The house was dark except for a few lit candles. She walked around me in silence . My name is mistress Anna and from this moment on you will worship me and me alone. She placed her sexy foot on my leg. Her toes were long and perfect. Into ok her footing my hand and gently rubbed it. She purred. I licked her leg and she laughed. You'll Habe to do better than that , she said as walked across the room. On your knees slave , she said. I got on my knees and crawled across the room to her , my c*** aching in my pants. I licked her shoes and then her toes. I knew the game she was playing. Before I knew it I had taken off her shoe and was sucking her perfect toes through her stockings. She moaned in approval . That's it slave , suck my toes, kiss my feet. I am your mistress now. For next hour or so she had me kiss and suck all of of toes. Lick her legs and call her goddess. All the while she fingered her wet p****. Every so often she would smell her fingers and shove them in my mouth. I was about to bust a nut. Am I your queen? She finally asked. Yes mistress , I replied. Do you worship only me ? She asked breathlessly. Yes mistress , I said. You may Showe your c***. I stripped my pants off . My big swollen c*** was dripping in anticipation. She rubbed her stocking feet against my h******. Then she pulled her panties to the side. She had the largest c*** I had ever seen. It was swollen and erect. Suck my c*** she commanded. I gave her the best oralnsex I had ever performed . Within minutes she was twitching uncontroably with a massive o******. After she was done she said , you may c** on my feet now. I lowered her foot to my crotch. It only took a few strokes and I erupted across her perfect toes. I have never c** so hard in my life. After I finished she instructed me to clean her up. I had never eaten c** before but I did so with passion. We talked afterward and got tonknowneach other better. Since that day I have become her slave. I have even let her duck me with a strap on. My life is better now that I have mistress Annie in it. I would do anything for her.

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  • I love legs hips and ass

  • I have a p**** fetish

  • Dumb story. how did you fetish onto her feet with her stockings on? you sound stupid.

  • I dont know bout sucking her toes id prefer to suck her p**** and ass

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