I have a boyfriend, I think?

I am a straight male, at least I was. I am thirty and live alone in a semi good neighborhood. Next door the house is rented a at least three, maybe more young guys and girls. There is always a group there running in and out.
One specific guy named Joey started talking to me every time I was outside working. He is maybe twenty-two, smaller guy and in my opinion"gay". Anyway he started coming over and hanging out, more and more, until he was so comfortable he would just walk in without knocking.
One evening we were watching a Netflix movie and Joey started complaining he was hot. I offered to crank down the AC but Joey stood up and stripped down to a tiny pair of boxer/briefs. A few minutes later I went into the kitchen to grab two beers, when I walked back into the living room the boxer/briefs were laying in the floor and Joey was laying on the couch stroking his c***. He looked up and said "you should get comfortable too". I froze, but admit I was thinking about it. Joey sat up, leaned forward and pulled my sweats and underwear down. I stepped forward and Joey guided my c*** into his mouth. He knew exactly what he was doing, to the point I had to stop him before I came too fast. I fully undressed and led to to the bedroom. We played around for quite awhile doing things I had never wanted to do before. But now, not only was I doing it, I was enjoying it. For the first time I gave head and found out I really like licking b****. Finally I was too excited and had to do something about it. I threw Joey face down and f***** his little a**h***. God he was tight and he begged me not to pull out! I unloaded inside him. Before we went to sleep he managed to get me up again and I gave him a second load. That was a month ago.
Joey spends most of his time at my place now. He is amazing and can't get enough s**. He never says no and will do (or at least try) anything. Not only is Joey taking care of my every sexual desire, he is doing things I didn't even know I wanted!
When I mentioned he would make a cute girl he surprised me by removing all body hair, dressing in lingerie and putting on makeup. Joey also is into group play. We posted an online ad and let another guy join us. Joey dressed up as a girl again and me and the other guy tag teamed him all evening. It was great.
I plan on making every wild fantasy i can think of come true!

Aug 31, 2021

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  • You are so correct. I found out way back in high school that cute gay/sissy guys are great. Our baseball coach made his nephew the teams manager and made him keep stats. The guys on the team quickly found out he was a sissy and very sub. Half the team ended up f****** him. The things we used to do to him in the showers after practice still give me a stiffy!

  • I wish you were my neighbors

  • Amen. Sissy gay guys make the best boyfriends. The s** is great and they keep their mouths shut.

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