Odd coincidence

When I was 12 this huge man who was a ww2 veteran bragged about the time he hit some unsuspecting black guy for no reason at all. The white a****** was about 6'6" tall and weighed at least 300 lbs. Big gigantic tough guy with fists that looked like boulders. I didn't like the story. The black guy asked "Whut you do dat fo?" I'm not sure his attacker replied.

Fast forward 76 years. My first cousins daughter adopted a five yer old black orphan girl. I was talking to her on Christmas and I gave her a nice doll for a present and then put her on my lap and hugged her.

The small black girl looked me in the eye and asked "Whut you do dat fo?". I said because your a sweety, a sweety sweet sweety and I was her pal.

It occurred that another black person had said the same thing for a very different reason.

Sep 19, 2021

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  • Aww - the "magic colored guy" Sttephen King fantasizes about.

    Them pore black folks! Getting hit on just for the color of dem skin!

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