Two stories

A very large white man during WW2 had without provocation hit a black man hard enough to really hurt him. The black guy "whut you do dat fo?" I forgot what the big guy said he replied with. Something stupid I'm sure.

I grow up and one day during family day where I worked at a company that sold childrens toys and exercise equipment I was at a computer playing games. I hd forgotten the story as it was at least 40 years later.

Ihad a small black child a boy seven years old. We were talking back and forth when I gave him a hug. He looked me in the eye and aske "why did you do that?" My reply was that he was a super cooll kid thats why.

Then the story of that black guy that was assaulted for no reason came back to me. I really had no reason except for a sudden feeling of affecton towards the child.

The redneck apparently had a sudden hate for a strange black man and hit him for no reason.

I was kind for no reason and he was am low life for no reason.

Mar 25

Next Confession

I need to play video games.
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  • Oh Hunter Biden, never change.

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