My conffession

Yesterday, I unintentionally did a bad thing . I unintentionally made a death threat to someone close to me. I meant it as a joke and the person understood that I meant it as a joke, now I know death threats are NOT a joke. I apologised to the person and the person forgave me and we decided to pretend that the death threat thing never happened.

But I am still full of regret ,full of guilt and now I feel like a no-good, dirty ,rat -arsed ,dumbassed , piece of s*** ,scumbaggy, scum of the earth who deserves nothing but pain and death. What do I do?

Sep 26, 2021

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  • Yeah! I’m going to have to agree with the first poster! The only way to end “pain” this profound, is to… well, you already know what needs to be done! The question is; does a no-good, dirty ,rat -arsed ,dumbassed , piece of shìt, scumbaggy, scum of the earth who deserves nothing but pain and death, have the bàlls to go through with it? In other words: Ask a dumbassed stupid fückin’ question, and you get a dumbassed stupid fückin’ answer!

  • He's venting. You never did anything in your life that you regret?

    Dumb f***. You must feel great laying into someone who posted an honest confession.

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