Molesting is no joke, is it?

To molest someone is to preform sexual acts against their will. This could be forcing them to view or create pornographic content, making them touch you, kissing, touching, s**.
Juding by this; i am being molested. By my brother and his best friend. Both of which are around a year or so younger than me.
I feel dirty. I am dirty. Im a f****** w****. I have huge trust issues. I hate men, im paranoid. I shudder everytime my brother's name is mentioned. I dont feel comfortable talking about s**. Because im the only person i know that dies a little inside when someone says the word 'rape' jokingly.
Its not rape.
I am, by law, a virgin. Not to hands though. Not to his hands.

This has been going on for a year or so now. I have confided in a few different people and always been told the same thing:

Its never than simple.
I spill a loada bullshit about the family connection, and that i wont be beleived. But the real reason i wont tell anyone of authority is because i dont think the boys REALISE what they have done, is sexual abuse. My brother seems to take it as a joke, when he pins me down, sits on my face and gropes my bare chest. It doesnt feel like a joke. But my doubt and paranoia are fed by the thought that maybe.. i am just overthinking it.
Its a joke too far.


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  • Tell them to stop, then Tell the authorities, the police. Or else your brother and his friend will continue to do that on others too. Do you want others to suffer like you too?.. Do you want others to feel the same way like you? .. or would you rather save the others?.. please choose to save the innocent young children.. Please

  • Hurt him back.
    If you don't stop him he will take it further. He will eventually go for other girls.
    Tell your parents.

  • Just a guess...though you complain seem sas if you get some satisfaction from it. If you don't then you shoul dtell someone because he will go away from this thinking...knowing he can get away with it to other women. Either give in to him or end it.

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