I hate how my boyfriend treats me!!!

when he is around, he doesnt really like spending time with me. He spends time on-line talking to other girls and constantly flirt from one girl to the next. I love him and everytime I leave him he does something nice and romantic and claims he loves me and doesn't stop begging my forgiveness until I forgive him. I'm so tired of this and when I mention it to him he accuses of crowding him up, insecure, controlling and jealous even though I give him enough space and only vissit him once a week( he lives 2 minutes away from my place). I'm really tired , hurt and confused!!!



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  • DUMP HIM!!!!!!

  • He just likes keeping you around on a string to play with now and then.
    He likes having a harem and you're one of the stable.
    If you didn't like it, you wouldn't put up with it.
    But you do, because you DO.
    Face it, you're a little w****.

  • you don't need to live with this.
    it isn't right.
    a boyfriend should be understanding
    and if he REALLY loves you,
    he would show it, NOT just say it.
    he wouldn't flirt with any other girls.
    he wouldn't do anything to hurt you
    or to make you worry.
    since you see him once a wekk he's suppose to be willing to spend
    time with you, and not just flirt with other girls.

    girl, you deserve so much better.
    a guy lke this is bound to cheat on you
    or leave you for someone else
    go back to the sea and fish for another fish
    cause this fish isn't good.

  • Get rid of him. You deserve much better.This will be your life if you put up with this disrespect.

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