Tired of Being Female

I'm so tired of only being valued and/or used for my t*** and v***** and then being discriminated against because I have those things. Really tired of it.

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  • It's a toxic balancing act. On the one hand, you're seen as less-than because of those bits. OTOH, you can sometimes use those bits to manipulate simple-minded men. Unfortunately that only works for a short part of your life, but you can be dismissed, not taken seriously, and raped literally from birth to death if you have two X chromosomes. (Oh, you thought only "hot chicks" get raped? Think again!)

  • A real man would treat a woman based on her character not because of her body. Dont get me wrong womens bodies (in my opinion as a man) are the 8th wonder of the world I love em. But I wouldnt think shes this or that based on how she looks or what shes wearing. The cliche still stands with me, its the inside that counts. Keep your head up mama. All the best

  • #metoo

  • Now a days women are just treated as an object and so many things to be blamed. Your post is appropriate

  • Nowadays? Try "since before recorded history and continuing even now."

  • Has someone mistreated you because you have female b****** and genitalia?
    Something must have happened to make you come to this conclusion.

  • You sure lose all sympathy once a girl hits puberty, don't you pedomommy? Do pi$$ off.

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