The Sheep Didn’t Mind

I grew up in Austria in the foot of the Alps and at 12 i started spending my long summers shepherding one of our family flocks of sheep..about 800 ewes. It meant moving all day, being very careful to watch the smaller sheep and the ones that wandered sometimes and eating on the run for about 14 hours per day. I slept in the field with them and bathed in the streams along the field edges when i could.
It was just one of these days that I had been having a hard day, it was dark and i had been on duty over 18 hours straight with no rest. I just stripped down and walked into the stream up to my chest and started washing the days dirt and smell of sheep off my body. I’d been doing this for 2 years and never once saw another person up close for the whole 8 months that I worked during the year. This night a couple of girls just a bit younger that i knew from the village church came up to the stream and asked if the sheep were mine. We talked a bit while i washed and they said they’d been walking the mountains for the week and heard my sheep so they came to see if they could camp near me. I told them I’d be done washing in a few minutes and i would help them build a shelter. They said they were tired and hot and wanted to take a swim with me. This was normal for summer and young people in our village so i was glad for the company. I chatted with them as they folded their clothes and rinsed out their unders and laid them out to dry and waded in next to me. They were friends of my younger sister from school and were very nice so we talked about school and weather and their hike and then they wanted to know about my sheep. I told them some of my stories and they said i was funny and the shorter girls with black hair asked if i had a girlfriend. I said truth that i had never one because i am always out with the sheep and during school time i must go to long day accelerated class to make up for the semester that i work every year so there was no time. The blonde thin girl with very long hair and very smooth skin asked if I could help them learn to dance and maybe kiss them to teach them what their boyfriends would like. I am used to being alone and didn’t want to make friendship that would take time away from my working but they said only one day and they would continue their summer hike. I made them promise and they said i had to teach them everything i know..(this would be actually nothing at all because i never dated once) but i agreed and hoped they knew what to do already so maybe they wouldn’t notice my lies.
We lay out in the warm night on the pasture edge near the stream and ‘gertrude’ (i think I shouldn’t say real name) rolled over to me and on her elbows over my chest she said she should start by making a kiss. I made my mouth like when i kiss mom goodnight and pushed against her. Her chest was boney and flat but felt nice against mine and her kiss was very much better than mine i think. She said i was doing it wrong and said i needed to open my legs so she could lay on top of me an between my legs. She said my legs were really nice with muscles but that she like taller boys..but that i would do for practice. I think she knew more than me so i agreed with her and did what she said. It was nice but not as comfortable as laying on my wool blanket in my shelter but she said i needed to teach her more now. As we kissed i started to feel uncomfortable because there was not enough room for my p**** because it was getting the way it always gets in the early morning wake up time. She reached down and pulled it up so that it wasn’t poking into her hip. I started feeling really strange because i think she peed on me a little. I wish she would have just got up and done it in the bushes. She quit talking and started moving all around on me which made rocks poke in my back. ‘Janice’ with the black hair i think started to become upset because she asked if she could have a turn. I felt a little dizzy and out of breath and thought i was too tired but they both said no i made a promise. I don’t ever think i felt as hard in my p**** before and it got much worse when Janice started feeling my bottom crack and forcing her finger into my bum. I think she spit on my b**** because it felt warm and wet. I started to kiss back and i think i was learning more than Gertrude because she knew more stuff that felt pretty good. She licked my lips and pushed her tongue into my mouth which was really gross at first but got better. She kissed my chin and licked under my arms as i played with her hair and she sucked on my nipples and asked if i wanted to try on hers. I said okay and did that for a while. They stuck out a little and got kind of puffy so i think girls have things that feel good too. She pushed my head down so i kissed and licked her tummy and her hip bones and she pushed my head towards her very smooth middle bits. She said that it might be nice if I would kiss and lick and nibble or even suck on her bits. She promised that she washed very well so i thought it would be okay. I thought it was odd to do this so long but she liked it and asked if i wanted her to try it with me. It was like a maths problem she said that our bodies made a sixty-nine..i think we looked more like an eleven but when she started licking and sucking and moving on and off my p**** it felt very good and unlike her i guess i only lasted about three minutes…or seconds..i dont know really but i had a feeling like peeing and burning and holding my breath and exploding all at once and i felt like i should do more to make her feel nice so i asked how and she explained how to move my tongue and lips to tickle and suck and lick until she peed on my mouth which was not nice but i think it felt very good for her because he got out of breath and kind of groaned and cried a bit..(at least i hope it didn’t hurt). I felt very tired and she said she wanted to rest in my shelter while i practiced with Janice and then we could all stay warm together for the night so Janice agreed it was her turn but wanted to do different stuff. I never thought this was a thing but after kissing for a long time and sucking on nipples and rubbing our bodies she said she had a thing to try. She closed my eyes and ran her hands all over my tummy and shoulders and back and bottom and pulled my bum open and stuck her tongue in! I jumped but she said to calm down and hold still. She had me keep my eyes closed and kissed my bum and then pushed her wet finger into my bum. It hurt a little but she then opened her hand and pushed her finger in andd out with the pressure of her hips front so it felt weird. She said i should know how it feels for the girl. I asked ‘how what feels’? She giggled and said that i could learn later. She kept doing this until her finger felt even longer and warm andd I think my bottom leaked something wet because she said that it felt nice and it was my turn. I did some of the stuff on her flat nipples and she said i had to wear a blind fold to make it better because she was super shy. I thought i would do the same stuff with her as Gertrude but she wanted to see how it would feel if i did the boy part of s** in her bottom instead. I didn’t want p*** on my p**** but she said it wasn’t like that…(which is not strictly true i found out). But she made me very wet and slippy and got on hands and knees and pushed back against me and guided me in. I rubbed her chest and tummy and she said to hold her hips and just push and pull. This actually felt good and she knew how to squeeze her bum and then relax and made it feel good. This time i lasted longer for almost a half hour and it felt very very good! I think i wouldnt do this very often and only with special persons but since i was teaching them as friends i guess it was okay. When my feeling came it lasted a really long time and i liked it very much. I think i cried a little because it was real intense. We went back to the shelter and lay down under my blankets together but Janice wanted to kiss and hug until we went to sleep. Finally we went to sleep. I had a really funny dream about doing the same things that we did but with different people that i liked. I also had a really alarming dream that i was trying it with a boy but it seemed okay and we were both happy about it.
I know this is long but morning came and a thing happened that changed my feelings about that night. After we woke up we just lay there kissing and touching and Gertrude showed me something she called ‘masterbating’. I thought it was wrong to do but she said boys and girls do this all the time so we dont’ feel bad. She showed me how to help her and she helped me do it right so that it felt best. She and i went out and made a fire and it was still dark and she said she wanted to feel me inside her before she left. IT WAS BETTER! I liked it a lot…three times! It got lighter and i noticed that Janice was sitting under a blanket watching us and i asked her if she wanted to try this. She said she probably should talk to me about something and made me promise not to get mad at her. I said of course…I’m not an angry boy at all and i thought she couldn’t make me mad anyway. She stood up and asked me to close my eyes so i did. She came closer and hugged me and let the blanket fall off her and we were hugging. It took a few seconds but something felt wrong..different..i opened my eyes and had to look down at the thing poking my tummy. Janice had a p****! I asked what was going on and she said that she was a hermanfradit or something but that she wanted to be the girl part of her and act like a girl but at 13 she had to wait before making the decision to make it final. She had a very small girl opening and a smaller than mine p****. She said she didn’t use her finger last night and was sorry for lying to me. I never knew such a thing was real but wanted one last time together.

Sep 30

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