Yee haw! Ride 'em cowgirl! I'm just an exhibitionist at heart.

I go to a bar that has a mechanical bull but I plan my outfit carefully before I go. I'll wear a short cropped top, or tank top with wide armholes and a low neckline, and go braless. I wear the tiniest thong panties that are a bright color or with sequins so they're really showy and a short short jeans skirt or daisy dukes where I've cut the crotch so narrow that it barely covers my thong.

The dudes that run the bull know me and love seeing me come in cuz they know I'll put on a good show for them and the patrons. I hike my skirt up a little and spread my thighs wide open as I get seated on top the beast, making sure everyone's seen my panties and the dudes that work there start the bull real slow, the movements make me lean back or bend forward and the guys get side b*** flashes and nip slips to get them howling.

Before it gets moving too fast I wave my arms in the air and the bottom of my top shows my under b****. Then the boys really get that bull moving and my t*** fly out as it jerks me round and round, and the guys whoop it up more. By the time it finally throws me I drop to the ground and lay sprawled a few minutes giving them a full b*** show and if they're lucky my thongs ridden up inside my p**** lips and they get a great c*** view.

I skip over to the bar getting a lot of ass slaps and high fives along the way. Once I settle down on a bar stool the parade of men starts so they can give me hugs and feeling me up, and they buy me drinks. I'll play pool with some of the dudes before being encouraged to ride again. Sometimes I go the ladies room and take off my thong. Some random dude gets a wet gift and they all get a peek at my v***** whenever I sit down, or get back on the bull or sprawl spread-eagle on the mats again after I'm thrown.

The girls don't like me much but I love it when they get competitive and try and ride the bull as good as me. They never win but we get to see some flashes of t*** if any of them unbutton their blouses or take them off. But I'm a good sport. When they're bucked off I always skip over, bend over and offer a hand up. I'm always happy to offer a congratulatory hug and kiss. All the gawkers whoop it up. They get an eyeful and sometimes I even get some p**** before the night's over.

But I'm looking for new excitement and found another little town not far away that has a bull in one of their bars. I think I might take a road trip one of these nights. Until then, stretching, yoga and exercise in the park wearing a cropped or see-through top with my super tight, cameltoe yoga pants will have to do. I think I'll start passing the word on days and times I'll be there and maybe get a yoga or gymnastics group going. I'm sure some of the dudes could help me with my form as I bend and stretch. Could be fun!

Yea I'm not really a s*** but just an innocent exhibitionist at heart.

Oct 10, 2021

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