Not a person in the world knows

I'm a big dude - 6'3". 220, solid as s***. I played HS football, baseball, love to play pool, shoot darts, tear s*** apart and put it back together, hang out with rednecks and regular buddies, camp, and alot of other "normal" stuff men like to do generally. Here's the thing, I'm gay, have been as far back as I can remember, have never told anyone (I'm 32), it doesn't show at all, have no feminine traits, don't go to gay bars or hang out with anyone that's gay. I've lied my whole life, tell my buddies I got laid, tell them I went out with a chick and she blew me, etc etc etc. Like I said I'm a big guy, so the dudes I've met and actually had s** with always want me to, ya know, do the pitching, and that's all good, but I like d***. Would love once in a while to just tell one of my buddies "let me blow you like a cheap h*****, grab my head, and when you blow your load make sure I swallow every drop - then we can start allover again, 'cause DAMN you're hot, and I want your d***" - it's never gonna happen, it's a really really weird life for sure, and it's the truth.

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  • I'm same size as you and would just love to abuse you and blow load after load down your throat and in your ass

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