My Nudist Neighbor and my Stuck Up Parents

My childhood was to say the least a difficult one, an overly abusive father, an over protective mother, a brother who at the time I could not stand to be around. I felt alone most of my childhood, I really didn't have any friends, just those I said Hi and that was it. But it seems I was usually the ** of everyone's jokes. I was so eager to make friends I often believed what anyone would tell me. It wasn't that I was so gullible, just lonely.

Most of the time I was by myself, and I quickly discovered the only time I really felt in control of my own life was when I was naked keep in mind I was only 5 or 6 at the time. I was like any kid trying something new. I did it around my room, which was on the second floor of our old house. Walk around that floor naked. When one time I walked from my room to the 1st floor bathroom and back and despite my mother being in the kitchen I got away it. Feeling braver I started to go naked outside. Nothing more than taking a ** outside. As time went on I got braver and braver, to a point where I was bottomless. But then one day when I was sure no one was watching I took off all my clothes and this was outside walked around a bit before getting dressed again. Each time I did this I took more and more of a chance at getting caught.

Until finally one day when I was up in my favorite tree an old apple tree. I had this idea take off my clothes which I did, nothing really happened while I was up there. But when I got back inside I got spanked, apparently a neighbor told my mother that I was naked, I was also told never to do that again.

Which I didn't for a while.

You see my family had this beach house way out in the middle of no where on the coast of a village called Warm Beach. All I can really remember is there wasn't any more than 4 homes on the entire stretch of beach. 2 near the coast the other 2 set back and even then 1 you could barely see.

The only neighbor I remember seeing was this retired couple that lived next door. He was bald and she now reminds me of an older June Cleaver. I remember fondly that she made the best chocolate chocolate chip cookies.

I was once in their home, I do think they babysat me a couple of times. Was my first exposure to National Geographic magazine and the naked natives. I remember talking to them about that, of course one mention to my parents and I get spanked. I really liked them.

Our house sat a short distance away from this minor cliff it's hard to estimate how big it was. But there was a stair that lead to the beach over a field of nettles.

Like usual I spent most of my time there alone. I remember having this row boat I use to play with. But even I was scared about going to far out. So every chance I got I was in the water just up to my waist. In a very short time I became very adept at slipping off my swim trunks. I once slipped them off when my mother was looking directly at me and she did not know, and slipped them back on with equal skill.

Then this one day it was near the end of that vacation that I did something even at the time I thought was stupid. I stood there on the beach in my swim trunks and slipped them off and left them there. I literally played on that beach naked, I did everything a kid could do. I managed to do that a couple of times before before we went home.

The following year everyone was surprised that I was so eager to go. Nobody knew why but I did, I had a plan. Every opportunity I could I would go down on that beach and run around naked. It was during one of these times I ran into out neighbor the man. He kind of laughed when he saw me, and assured me that I was not going to tell my parents on a condition that I told him why I was doing this. We would up talking like this sometimes with me still having my swim trunks on talking about all my problems.

That was when he suggested something even I thought was dumb. His suggestion was that I go to the nearby woods take all my clothes off and just stand there and listen and really listen and feel what I felt.

On the day I decided to do this my brother tagged along. Strangely enough the only way I could get him to stop following me was telling him I needed to take a **. So he stood outside the forest calling to me to see if I was okay. Once I found a clearing I stood there naked, and despite my brother occasionally calling to me. I really felt connected to this planet.

When my brother asked me later why I did this, I told him because.

All I really remember is that our neighbors and I had something planned. I kind of think it was a naked BBQ, because they mentioned something about being nudists.

But it didn't happen, all I remember was that they disappeared for a while, medical emergency or something else I just don't plain remember. The only thing I still can be certain of is that they were gone most of the time during that summer. This was also the summer my father would repeatedly aim a loaded rifle at my chest and he made sure I knew that rifle was loaded by firing it off after I was told to step aside.

The first time I thought about killing myself.

But things happened fast after the neighbors suddenly returned. All I can recall is that my mother and I being there every single day. There were things I wanted to tell them but I couldn't. Not in front of my mother, frankly I did not dare.

It was roughly 2 weeks before we had to go home. It seemed everyone needed groceries or at least that is what I can remember. It also seemed everyone wanted to go but not me. But when our male neighbor offered to babysit me and the fact there wasn't room for both me and the groceries in our car. One point the neighbors car was getting repaired, and my father was paying for it. I wish I could remember why.

But the one thing I do recall is that that guy and I watched and waited for the car to pull away. I wanted to talk he said I should have fun and he wanted to see if I was up for a bit of fun my parents would not like at all. Naturally I was up for it.

He then asked me to step to the other side of the huge bush. I was standing there in a T shirt and swim trunks and plastic sandals.

My friend asked did I like the outfit I was wearing. I told him no and he told me I could take anything off and he would not care what. well anyway I slipped off my trunks and so did he. He then asked me to step around. That was when I saw him completely naked He asked me if I was okay with that.
First time I ever saw an adult male naked. I want to make it clear nothing funny happened.

All we did was play, and later with our swim trunks nearby we built sandcastles naked. He kind of laughed when on one I used my ** as the draw bridge.

Honestly I had fun, I hated when my parents returned.

But later we made plans for the following year, you see he knew a bunch of like minded people and wanted to know if I would not mind joining them for a BBQ he was was planning on having. If he could convince my parents
it might become a naked BBQ. If that turned out well, he knew of this place a campground really where everyone was naked all of the time. Frankly I was excited. He also said if things did not work out maybe he could convince
my parents he could offer to take me camping with his nudist friends, who had kids around my age.

Sadly nothing worked out as my father died suddenly the following year, and I never saw my friend again.

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