I've hypnotized girls for the wrong reasons

I know people are skeptical but hypnosis works Or I should say can work on some people. There are many who can't go under or maybe just not for someone like me. I wasn't officially trained but I've read up on it and watched videos. So I've had three girls I was able to successfully hypnotized. You have to be patient and take it slow but it can happen. Once you feel they are under you make a suggestion for something mildly embarrassing. Not so bad that they'd refuse it whether they were under or not but just something they would not do in regular life in front of people. Like make them snort like a pig, or pick their nose. If they're willing to do that kind of thing, they're under.

I agree with the people who say that a person under hypnosis won't do something extreme like rob a bank or f*** the football team. But they are able to be manipulated into some smaller level things like taking off articles of clothes.

So I've had each of these girls under hypnosis and making suggestions in a soft tone I get them relaxed and trusting. I make sure they feel comfortable and safe but then I'll start talking to them about things to make them feel aroused. When they start breathing more rapidly , they'll sigh and moan a little. Then you put your arms around them and they'll start to lean on you.

You make sure you tell them they can trust you and keep your hands on them in safe areas but slowly start moving your hands over their t*** so it feels normal and not threatening. You hear in the response that they're getting more aroused.

Then tell them something like it's getting hot in here and you kind of lead them down the path to suggest they take their shirt off. Then you start asking things like are they feeling good, or aroused , or h****. They'll be more and more responsive and as you go along, you'll definitely get their tops and bras off and you'll be able to fondle them and suck their t*** and they get even more aroused.

Its been my experience so far that you have to be careful when you start heading south, they tend to stiffen up a little so follow those leads and don't push it further than you should. Keep hypnotizing them on a regular basis and you'll probably get them to go further and further. But be patient, that's the answer, and there's nothing wrong with enjoying their t*** until you get them further. And NEVER tell them what they did or you did. If they ever want you to video them just video the first part or just a time when you're doing in innocently.

I especially love when you suggest that they are in love with you and can't get enough of you. They'll have their arms all around you and responding in a breathy way. It's the best feeling ever and I'm hoping to learn more from an expert someday so hopefully one day I can have girls naked and doing all kind of things. I always video it for myself so I can watch later and improve my technique.

When I bring them out of trance, I let them acknowledge that they feel really good but I try to stay away from using words like aroused or h**** because I don't want them to feel embarrassed or reluctant. I just keep saying you feel really good and they agree but they don't know exactly why. I'm looking forward to being able to get them naked and lick their p******.

Nov 1

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