Insecure on "over eating"

So for the past 5 years ive went from being bulimic to orthorexic, i live with my 4 siblings my mom and her boyfriend. they all eat ** but they eat like birds eating a rice cake for breakfast up until dinner where they eat basically mashed potatoes corn and steak every night then have some ice cream or whatever.
but me on the other hand eat 3 pretty normal sized meals a day that are extremely healthy (around 1200 cal a day) and the logical side of me knows its ok but i still feel like i over eat an get jealous everyone else goes through the day not being hungry.

just an example of what i would regularly eat too like for breakfast- 1/2 banana 1/4 cup frozen aloe, 1/4 cup mixed berries, 3 peach slices 1 cup spinach an wheat grass, cinnamon ginger tumeric 1 scoop pea protein~ blended an topped with some hemp seeds almond slivers coconut almond butter 1/4 of a kiwi 1 tablespoon pomegranate seeds and some caco nibs

and for lunch an dinner ill make salads with either 1 hard boiled egg chickpeas lentils or salmon and some mixed seeds with a bunch of mixed vegetables, hummus and kombucha

then tea and 100 cals worth of 100% dark chocolate and like half a handful of walnuts at the end of the day

and i go to the school gym for about 30-60 min a day too and walk a lot and do yoga

but still.
all i can think about is how they can live off that 1 ** rice cake

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