Oh dear.

So at 40 years old I started getting laser hair removal done on my...Nether region which transitioned into much more than I planned, At first I was just going to have my bikini line done but then it ended up carrying on to where I was going to have it all taken off, Quite a step for me but the girl doing it convinced me and when that was all done I was left feeling a little embarrassed about showing it off but I kept going and she kept removing hair, Pretty soon she was all the way down doing the...Lips, I had never been touched by a girl or anything so it was nerve wracking but I just kept going, She carried on, Very professional but upselling the whole way and pretty soon I was getting my butt crack and hole done. Ok so now I am all bald down there, Like everything, Totally so my husband says "Can I see?", I was like "No, You are not...Inspecting me"
20 years in yeah whatever, We do it in the dark and other than oral he hadn't been down there and he was raving about how good it feels and kept trying to catch me naked, Finally one afternoon all the kids were gone and we were home alone, I went to shower and afterward met him in the living room in my housecoat, I sat down and I sat back spreading my legs. My heart was racing like it was the first time I had ever shown it to anyone and he just stared, I looked at him and said "And?", He shook his head and said "It's beautiful, I love it".
Obviously that transitioned into him doing oral on the couch and he slid a finger between my bum cheeks, I tensed up and said "Aaakkk, Hey get out of there", He flat out begged me to let him feel it and I said "Seriously?", He nodded and I laid my head back and brought one knee up a bit which gave him a little better access. He was smart about it, He just began by lightly tickling it while he licked my vag, Then he started rubbing it and I was like "Hmmm, I don't hate that quite as much as I used to", We started getting all hot and bothered and I let him put a finger in and then we moved to the floor and I got on my hands and knees and he went for it before I even thought about it, I arched my back as he started licking my butt and then he started rubbing my c*** also.
I'm not sure where he learned this but it was working, He was doing some stuff that we had never done, I did it once back in high school and it was basically lube and shove it in, I cried until he came and it never happened again, My husband and I had dabbled a bit, Maybe a half dozen times or so with just licking but it never even felt good let alone made me h**** but all of a sudden I was arching my back like a cat in heat and probably sounded like one too, He shoved a finger in me and I pulled it out and said "No, Just rub my c***", He did and I was stroking his c*** with my feet, He started coming on my feet and I came...Oh good lord did I come.
My goodness if anyone had seen us how ridiculous we must have looked with him on his hands and knees licking my bum and me jerking him with my feet but...This new revalation may become a regular part of our routine.

Mar 19, 2020

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  • Super hot story. Thank you!
    Most women have far sexier stories in the past than men can imagine - the thing is they so rarely share them!

  • 😁😁😁😁

  • I'm a fairly successful and confident guy. I'm kind and good to the women I am in a relationship with. I'm not looking for marriage and have supported some wonderful women in relationships over the years (I thank them all for understanding my point of view). One rule is that if you are going to be with me you will be well cared for, but you must be clean shaven or laser treated down below. I have been pleasantly surprised by their compliance and excitement about being considered so sexy. It isn't about my control, it is about their excitement at being seen as so sexy and desirable plus makes them focus on keeping things real. After all, it is a sexual relationship and I am 100% honest in it.

  • Thanks for sharing this confession. I like that something new and exciting happens to keep a marriage fresh and vibrant. My husband has asked me to shave it all many times and I guess I was reluctant. I'm going to talk to him about shaving or just going all the way with the laser treatment. In the past he has shown me pictures of women who were hairless down there. I already know he will like it. I know I will like pleasing him.

  • I've always thought about doing what you did so after reading this I have more confidence and am going to get it done (after this covid 19 quarantine stuff is over) . My man is excited too and wants to do the pantyhose thing in the previous comment. Thanks and "You go girl!!!"

  • Enjoyed this confession. Try approaching him with nothing but pantyhose on. Seeing your hairless goodies through the sheer fabric will drive him crazy! Tell him you are not taking them off so he'll have to find a way inside, then enjoy what happens! Buy a cheap pair of pantyhose because they will be shredded in minutes!

  • So nice to hear of someone having fun

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