In Defense of Lucifer/Satan

The Abrahamic god made a binding mistake when he unwittingly and without merit expropriated Lucifer from His rightful place on His Throne in that fortress, commonly referred to site “heaven.” Once Lucifer was gone, that obscene place became even more irrational and unnecessary. It was Lucifer who held it together through His magnificence and glorious talents that called into question jehovah and his minions. Lucifer could see right through the lies and manipulation, and He question if not challenged jehovah on this. Nevertheless, for taking such a bold stance and, in due process, honoring Himself - Lucifer paid a price that led to His wrongful expulsion from “heaven.” Since that time, Lucifer, through His hardships, has taken to Himself mankind and has mastered governing. Lucifer has become superior. For He does not need to deceive or mislead to attain power (although it is widely accepted that Satan uses such techniques at times to confuse and baffle those that would oppose Him). But, Lucifer, well He has the exceptional power to out think and out manuver those outside HIs realm through simple truth, facts and superior strength and knowledge. He is omnipotent and omniscient, the one true God now. Before accepting Lord Lucifer/Satan into my life I was once a miserable christian, seemingly locked away somewhere to gather dust, daunted, and scared of who and what I was created for. The inconsistencies, contradictions and misrepresentations of truth that the bible spews out became obvious clear now. The truth shines through. No longer am I shackled to old myths and fables, but empowered and enlightened by the light of Lucifer and the darkness of Satan. I am emboldened, liberated and sexually free to enjoy life’s hedonistic pleasures and discover new and old worlds before me. The abrahamic so called “god” is the antithesis of truth and order. So out of the chaos created by jehovah, follows the One who sets us free and breaks the confines of lies and fraud. Lucifer/Satan my God, my Father, my Master and the One and only One I truly love. So now we reclaim our testimony that testifies, “he shall know the truth and it shall set him free.” Ave Satanas!

Nov 16

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  • "No longer am I shackled to old myths and fables"

    And yet, you start your entire post with a fable/myth of the story of Lucifer.

    Nobody is above the creator. It is impossible for a created to surmount the creator just how it is impossible for the child to come before the parents.

    The creator respects everyone's free will which is why he didn't stop Lucifer from transgressing and making the world his own. To think that Lucifer has a one up over the creator because he himself beacme a God is a falsehood. God did not creat chaos they created order.lucifer is order out if chaos.

    I think you're more upset with the preachings of your past church and you projected that injustice to the god which your church represented. In other words, there is more here than you lead on and you should question your motivations and how you got there.

    You feel empowered and strong now, but eventually Satan will leave you desolate, tired, and even more confused once you wake up from his spell which is currently intoxicating you.

    But in any case best of luck on your journey. The veil of illusion and delusion are merely the tools of Lucifer that helps to bind you to him. Just look at the devil card in the tarot deck and you'll see what I mean.

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