I belong to Satan!

I hereby fully confess during this christmas season that I have dedicated myself 1000% to the one and only TRUE Lord God and Master : SATAN!
This is no joke! I have fully rejected and denied jesus, jehovah, the bible and all the saints! SATAN IS MY GOD for all eternity!

Dec 21, 2019

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  • I love my lord satan

  • Yep. Fine.
    Welcome to Hades.

  • I confess. No, I profess my love for Satan, and I too dedicate my body, mind and soul to our beautiful Dark Lord Master SATAN. For I agree, He is the eternal and authentic God. I will strip naked and pray to Satan at night with candle lit. I never have felt so empowered and free in my entire life. HAIL SATAN.

  • YHWH rides his followers like a leach. Let us return to the old ways, and live naked under the stars, dancing, revelling, working to live rather than living to work. Let us revel in our "sins" of pleasure, as in Bacchanalia of old.

    No, I am not insane. We have to work, well and good. We must wear clothes to protect against inclement weather -- understood. But we are creating meaningless, materialistic lives packed with "stuff" that does not satisfy, instead of getting to know our fellow men and women. And having s** with people is a great way to "let your hair down".

    Instead of building ever more terrifying ways to destroy the world, let us rejoice in our animal natures, saving nature, teaching our children and lovers to live a joyful life. Let us put more research into helping people and removing the scourge of STDs that impinge on our natures.

    Let us be Satanists and accept the truth: that joy and passion are good things, and that "purity" is an empty vessel.

  • Mental stability isnt your strong points

  • Yes, but what do you do with that?

    You have to take the freedom he gives you and self-realize.

  • Sounds like a waste of time... All of it. Just be

  • Go to help quick. Take route 666 down south

  • Imagine believing in a “god” and the whole sh-bang and be rooting for the guy trying to blow it all up lmao doesn’t matter anyways none of it is true anyways

  • Translates as

    " I'm a Brony"

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