I think my ex friend is a DL with feeling for me

It’s 2021 we stopped being friends about two months ago to paint you a better picture that was in August we were decent friends our friendship started in high school but IG I had to be honest I think that was only because we were forced to talk to each and that’s how a friendship started. Oh I forgot to mention that I am pansexaul, mom-binary and asexually attracted to both man and women so with that added I “thought I like him” I find out that’s not true, but later after high school we get closer as ✨FRIENDS ✨ but I started to notice thinks his girlfriend didn’t and eventually those things turned into I love u, hand holding mind you he is straight not “super straight” just heterosexual and then jumping into sitting in my lap, taking things out of my hand and I would have to say things like “let go or I will kiss u” I was jokin but if I had to I would that was with his girlfriend on the phone to 🙄 but even though he was in a relationship he confessed he likes me more then her he would hide thinks from her that only I would notice. This friendship turned into him calling out of my name like “f*****” n***er” b@tch p**sy and even saying I should go tech ppl and turn them gay. He would every now and then cross boundaries I have set up about pranks with me and i would tell him not to touch my food but he never listen

But we eventually stop being friends cuz I couldn’t trust him I do believe because some of these signs he is a DL and had feelings for me

Nov 19

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