best friend

we call each other best friend.
but we both know that we don't have things to talk about now. i don't blame anyone. u moved away, i stayed. our lives changed. we're too different to each other, especially our morals. i'm not happy with what u've done, u're upset by what i done. we had a huge fight yesterday, but this was the time we talked most (qualitatively and quantitatively) since u're gone. we decided not to talk to each other again till we see changes in each other. but that's not going to happen since we both don't see problems in our own selves. i'm not going to change for the sake of coping the social and i know u won't too. bye.

i forgot to tell u one thing before we both hang up the phone.
I STILL CARE ABOUT U though our friendship seems started to fade. I AM CONSIDERING TO CHANGE FOR U. I don't want to give up our 11-years-friendship.

u called me back in the middle of the night, but i decided not to answer.

and now, i am wondering what do u want to tell me too..

but i don't know if i should call back. i want to see if we both will change for each other as to redeem for our friendship.
ok, whatever, i always wish the very best for u and i love u.

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  • U 2 should meet and f***

  • If the friendship is worth saving,save it.
    Eleven years,is a long time.If you both love each other,you both need to accept,each other.People change.
    Ring your friend back,work it out!

    Good luck x

  • no one force u to read it if u think it's too long

  • Yes, waaaay too long

  • call him backk mate dont wait.

  • This was too long and annoying, no one cares, so just shut the h*** up.

    I care

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