Fat girls are so hot

I wish i could politely tell the big, beautiful e-girl i'm f****** that i find her weight super attractive. she's so hot - she doesn't look slovenly or unkempt, she just looks fat and sexy and i don't know how to explain the difference other than her wild hair, her piercings and the way she carries her weight. God, I could gush about her all day. Just divine p****.

Nov 22

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  • Here is a clue... Find a fat girl that you like and don't mention her weight. Just treat like you would any other girl that you are attracted to. Once you gain her confidence then you can gauge a good time to broach the subject of her size and how it turns you on. Don't just blurt it out because she will see you as a perv and a deviant and take off. You want to hide those traits until your relationship gets serious.

  • Do you like curvy women who can bench a lot of weight? I want to meet someone who likes juicy curves and big muscles at the same time!

  • H*** yeah.

  • Email/Facebook/Insta?

  • Mootmail1@gmail.com

  • I understand and have felt what you are talking about many times in my life. I hope that people who obsess over their weight take some confidence and truth from what you wrote.

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