[Vent] Terrible Waitress Wanted a $15 Tip

First of all, this waitress looked annoyed that we were there to begin with. Did not take our drink orders right away. Left us with the menu and returned 20 minutes later, with no apology. My husband starts to order a drink, she cuts him off mid-sentence and says "we don't have any alcohol right now", in which he replies that he was going to ask for a soda. Then when it is my turn, and I ask if they have any smoothies, she says they do, and says our drinks will be out right away.

Two. Hours. Later. No drink, no food, no waitress. We had to get the attention of another staff member to ask if she was coming back. "Opsie, I thought you guys already left!" Was her response. Yeah, we were upset, but we weren't going to let it ruin our night. She gives my husband his soda, and explains to me that they were out of smoothies. She sets a cup of water in front of me, and asks if I want anything else. I wasn't going to wait two more hours for my drink, so I refuse. We order food.

The wait wasn't as long, but immediately, my husband realizes that both of our dishes are wrong. We tell the waitress, and she argues with us, saying "I'm sure I got those correct!" And when she admitted that they were wrong, she switched to "Do you want to try it for me and see if you like it?" We kept our cool up until this point, but now we wanted a manager.

Manager arrives, defends the waitress, and we get a new one. Our correct plates come out and we are finally served. Husband and I are thinking about dessert, and - guess who comes to our table to take our order... It's the waitress from before. She says the other woman went home for the night, and she was the only server available to take our table. My husband audibly says "Oh no", looks at me, and suggests we just go home. I should have listened, but with my heart already set on dessert, I decide to give her another chance. We order a brownie cake to share. Food comes out practically right away.

Waitress arrives to the table with the check. Hubby gives her the card, and she goes to check us out. She evidentially opened the booklet on her way, because she came back to our table. "You forgot to give me a tip." Husband and I look at her absolutely dumbfounded. She cannot be serious, there's no way she's serious! We tell her she didn't get one because we didn't enjoy our service. She then begins to explain how it is customary to leave waitresses tips, regardless of how service went. My husband looks at her and says "Okay, how much is customary?"

"About 15 dollars."

No, absolutely not. I tell her 5 is the best we can do, since that was what was in my wallet at the time, and that 5 dollars was honestly more than what she deserved. She looks upset but takes the five dollar bill from me, and turns away without another word. We are checked out, and we leave. Husband and I would have told the manager what happened, but since he took her side last time we complained, we didn't want to waste our breath. We got into our car and went home.

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I don’t know how to take this

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  • Most people would have walked out much sooner.

  • I'm calling BS and Fake Story!
    Someone actually waited 2hrs for a server??? Come ON!
    You also stayed and ordered dessert? Come ON!

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