We've allowed women to be corrupted and now I'm done with the BS

In this day and age every guy should assume that every woman is either an angry feminist or a ruthless gold digger, and any guy with half a brain should take steps to protect himself from the satanic evil that feminism has always been.

It's not that I don't like women. They still can make great pay for play friends with benefits. It's just that I refuse to take on the risk and the frustration of bringing an empowered and entitled woman into my life expecting the relationship to last on a long term intimate and egalitarian basis. At this point, I won't even consider dating again until the 19th amendment is repealed, no fault divorce laws are repealed, and the Christian Patriarchy is re-institutionalized as the law of the land in America.

Feminism has served American men a s*** sandwich and it's time we threw that s*** sandwich right back in their faces.

American men need to organize politically, just as the feminists have done against us. We must physically overthrow the Democrat party and bring back Christianity and our Constitution as our founding fathers had originally wrote it.

The alternative is that we'll continue to live in a collapsing Orwellian Marxist matriarchy ruled with an iron fist by the likes of b****** such as AOC, Kampala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstine, Janet Yellen, Maxine Waters and Jennifer Warren.

Yesterday I was watching a very disturbing Youtube video dealing with the subject of divorce law and how those laws are deliberately designed to corrupt women and to destroy and enslave men. I had to leave a comment and I'd like to share it with you here:

"The institution of marriage has been dead for decades and it's never coming back. Weak men made the mistake of giving women the vote back in 1920 and those women have used their vote to bring in communism. Today's women are drunk on feminism and, because of the brainwashing, they've become hostile toward men. We're now living in a matriarchy. Today's women are best viewed as disposable s** objects and not as wives. It really is over".

It's a sad state of affairs that motivated me to post this statement on the internet. When will you losers wake up, boycott marriage, and take strong political action?

15 days

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  • Clean your room, go back to church, the gym, school and work. work on improving your charisma and go to places that better quality women attend. Date those wholesome, virginal, traditional family-oriented women that, globally speaking, VASTLY outnumber the skanks you've gotten sick of.

  • Also you are a N*** sympathizer

  • There’s nothing wrong with feminism when it uses rationality. These days however, the metoo movement has made women bullies and seemingly always right, even when they’re not. We get blamed for everything when many of us didn’t do Jack and you can’t even give a girl a compliment without fearing you’ll supposedly “offend” somebody.

    To be fair, women have never had lots of power if we’re being honest here but they do in bunches these days, even when it’s obvious many are lying. So I feel you on that wholeheartedly.

  • Ok Andrew Tate kill yourself you misogynistic piece of s***

  • No w**** is feminist to an alpha male. If you don't have looks or money, then invest in serial offing.

  • Putin has a g***** a*** where you can look into his colon. He often shows it to his generals.

  • Whats your f****** problem huh

  • He ain't gettin' laid.

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