Older women,my shower and I

I am in my 20's and single.For the past 6 months,I have allowed older women to watch me shower on the net.Most of them are in their late 50s and into their 60s.
I decided to let some of them join me but only those that have been married,but now divorced and are mothers.
I have a regular why I allow her is she has been married and divorced twice and loves mothering me.
We allow the other women to watch us both shower together and occasion we agree to invite them to join us.
Most times my regular joins me in bed but we allow the other women to join us or they agree to have turns with me.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • I know what you mean its like this time on I was playing WoW, and my 50th level pallie was ganking this lock, and my hp was almost down to zero, then I had to cast a spell, and almost got ganked. It was cool, but I got mad that I had to give up some awesome loot 'cause I got ninja'd.

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