Waking up to a multiple wife relationship

I got married out of necessity. Money, and I am already 32 without prospects. The man I married, 36, has a former wife. What I didn't know is that his check goes to her, she pays the rent so to speak, all the bills. She scrutinizes my credit card and questions me about what I spend. She came over, unannounced, and I was doing laundry and she went through my dirty underwear, piece by piece, checking it front and back. When I questioned her as to what she was doing she told me that ** told more about a woman than anything else. That's an example.

On another occasion she came over and told my husband that it was time for him to go over his 401k elections with her and his insurance and his benefit elections at work. That's when I found out that she shares 50 50 with me and that he has an life policy 100 for her.

Another example. She came with us on a beach weekend. I had won a two day stay at a nice hotel in a church raffle. She came along. She got undressed completely in front of him, nothing to the imagination. She was supposed to sleep in the other bed, but she got into our bed with both of us because it was so warm and toasty. She worked herself in between me and him and told him to make things right with her. She held my wrist to stay in the bed them. That I should watch how he made love to his real wife. She told my husband that now she was ready to get pregnant. (they divorced because she didn't want to have children).

I have told my husband I want a divorce. He refuses. She is comfortable with him having both of us in his life, she takes care of all the finances, and is getting pregnant (at 35). I'm the younger wife so I should let her go first. I do have permission, she said I have her 'permission' to get pregnant too, but only after she is pregnant so she has the first born. I don't think I should get pregnant but her making so much out of it I am fighting this baby fever right now.

She has found this woman who performs marriages for men with multiple wives. Not a Mormon, some woman from Oregon. She wants her to come, after she is pregnant so she can bless the baby too, and perform a multiple wife ceremony and she wants back into the marriage now that she's seen the light and she should have gotten pregnant when he asked.

I will have my first anniversary and when I do she wants to announce her pregnancy and she is back in the marriage. My husband supports her completely and regrets more than anything that she is divorced from him and wants her back and is excited she wants to get pregnant. But now that he has married me he doesn't want me to go, wants me to join in and agree to her coming back to be a wife again. There is no reason in his mind why we can't join hands and walk through life as true sisters and bless his home with multiple children.

Sorry to ramble, but I never for an instance thought that one day I would be in a marriage of multiple wives and I would be the younger subservient wife at that.

Next Confession

Mood?!?!?!?{no cue who to ask though}

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