I was 15 when I got forced into doing sexual things with a nun in a Catholic boarding school for girls. I was sleeping when this nun woke me up in the middle of the night and walked me down the hallway in my pajamas. She took me across the central patio, into the classrooms building and into one of the rooms. I remember the principal of the school father ....... was there along with another nun. He asked me if I fingered myself under the covers. Before I could say anything, he told me "don't lie to me because I know you do" I was so scared about lying, figuring one of the girls in my bedroom had seen me, I felt so ashamed about telling him some times. I remember the nuns stripping my pajamas off, forcing me to sit on the desk with my legs open looking at them grabbing my b****** while he sat there rubbing his p**** watching them sucking my p****. I figured those nuns were probably having s** with him and playing a lesbian game with me to get him h****. Kept thinking I could never say anything about what happed. When I went back to my bedroom I knew I hadn't been the only one sexually molested.

Dec 6

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  • What you call 200 lawyer at bottom of the sea? good start! but in your case u will win.

  • When you win buy me apple pie for my trouble of posting lol

  • I would do legal action now, your no longer 15 sure them.

  • So I hear what you admit happened to you but I don't see where you state how you felt about it then or as you look back on it now. For me, Idk why or how my abusers got the way they did or why they choose me, but even though I was very young, I was VERY willing and eager. Looking back I know what they did was against the law but at the time I didn't believe the law was fair or practical. Now, looking back, as a parent and grandparent, I do everything I can to protect my progeny from all of that. I do sometimes wonder if my over-protection is harming them more than if they suffered even a little that my generation endured.

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