My husband hung me up side down naked by my ankles, pushed a butt plug in my ass with my own vibrator in my p****. For cheating on him. I remember his did it in front of his friends, turned it on high and told "now you can c** all you want" My brain almost exploded.

Dec 6

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  • If this actually happened, then it was a physical assault on you. You can file a police report and have him arrested OR you can just take it for what it was and move on to f*** anybody you want.

  • I caught my wife cheating, so I invited everyone we knew over to a party in our back yard, made her serve everyone stark naked as punishment.
    Problem was she seemed to enjoy it; all of our circle of friends sure did.

  • I f***** another guy, so my hubby decided to punish me.

    As my husband's friends watched, My husband stripped me naked, shoved a vibrator in my pussycat and pushed in a butt plug up my a******. Then he tied me with a rope upside down.

    He turned the vibrator up and told me, "now c** to death." And my brain almost went combustile!

  • Bullshit

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