Stuck in his mind.

I stayed the night at my friends house last night and we were just messing around trying on clothes, Talking, Chatting online and decided to get a bit crazy, We ended up stumbling...Yeah lets call it stumbling across a guy with a huge you know what and we watched him whack it and we were fooling around for him to watch, Got down to just our thongs and then he finished.
We laughed and logged off, I went to brush my teeth and since she is an only child she basically has domain over th entire basement, I went in just my thong, Door wide open brushing my teeth and then looked up and in the mirror seen her dad standing there staring at me, He could see it all, There was not much to hide and I just looked at him, Brushed my tongue and gagged holding eye contact with him as much as I could and then swallowed and smiled.
He reached in and closed the bathroom door, Oh my god, What a weird moment, I never told her and doubt I ever will.

Dec 9

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  • I caught my friends dad spying on me in the shower one time when I was 16 and staying at her house, I let him watch.

  • That happened to me. Other side of the coin. Accidentally actually.

  • What happened and how old were you .

  • I said what happened, Not old enough.

  • Did you like home look at ur body.

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