** and gagged by my mother and Marion

Yesterday Morning I visited the local art gallery owned by my mother Narelle and her friend Marion with a phone given to me by Lynda and Kaitlin when my mother said give me the phone and so I did and it suddenly started ringing and my mother answered it and all of a sudden she said to Marion take my son Robert downstairs to the basement and put him with the other hostages please and Marion asked her are coming to help me tie him up and gag him and my mother replied yes I am I'm just getting some of the things that we will need just get him downstairs and so with that Marion pointed the gun at me and ordered me down the stairs to the basement and when we arrived in the basement I saw a row of 12 other chairs with hostages bound and gagged and Marion dragged over an empty straight back wooden chair and ordered me to take a seat as I did my mother Narelle entered the basement with a roll of grey duct tape , some women's ** , some earplugs and a black hood meanwhile Marion was kneeling in front of me tying my legs against the chair legs when my mother suddenly went behind the chair and started tying my arms and hands behind the chair with rope it was then that Marion said ok open up nice and wide for me and with that Marion placed the rolled up pair of women's ** in my mouth before tearing 5 pieces of tape off the roll of grey duct tape and placing them over my mouth piece by piece to keep me nice and quiet it was then my mother started putting the earplugs in my ears before picking up the black hood and advancing on me to put the black hood over my head and face and she said say goodnight and with that her and Marion left the basement leaving me ** and gagged alongside 12 other fellow hostages not knowing what was about to happen and then they locked the basement door and went back upstairs to prepare to leave the art gallery for the day leaving us 13 hostages bound and gagged in the dark basement below the art gallery 2 hours later my mother Narelle returned shortly followed by Marion and they took the black hoods off from each hostage and the earplugs and she said ok hostages listen you will be here for the next 6 months all of you while myself and Marion think about what to do with each of you and each of us could only make the sound of Mmmph through the gags over our mouths and my mother Narelle and Marion both laughed before putting the earplugs back in and the black hoods over our face again and leaving the basement

Sep 23

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** and gagged by Marion part 1

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