What can i say to mom that she give me a Spanking when i need IT?

Dec 14

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  • Hi I am a 30 year old Male living with my mum after a divorce. I admit that I started treating the house like a hotel. In the end my mum flipped and put me over her knee and took a hairbrush to me on the bare. Since then I am back to the same routine we had when I use to live there. Ie curfew, chores, grounding bedtime and sore behinds ! Much as I hate to admit it it does keep me grounded (no pun intended) and it really is motivating me to get back on my own two feet. I sometimes don’t know what is worse, the embarrassment or the fact she can still bring me to tears with just her hand!!

  • How old are you and has your mom spanked you before? What kind of relationship do you have? When I still lived at home I was spanned as a youngster but it stopped when I was a teen. I missed it in my life so I had a heart-to-heart with my mom and told her that while those spankings were painful and humiliating, they left me feeling cleansed somehow. Like we now had a clean slate. She smiled and said she understood. During my college years she spanked me but rather than going over her lap I got paddled bending over the sofa. They stopped when I graduated and moved out.

  • I'm not moving out mom! That should get a foot up your 40 year old a$$!

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