Situation couldn't be worse...

A pregnant teenage daughter. Until last week I thought that was my biggest problem. A few months ago my 18 year old came to me for a talk. After a positive home pregnancy test and a visit to the doctor it was confirmed. She told me and my husband the father is her ex boyfriend.
Fast forward to a few days ago. I was 2 weeks late for my period. Not headline news considering my age, but there was a concern so I took a home pregnancy test and it was positive. Now I am freaking out!
My daughter babysits for a neighbor. Just before she made her revelation she asked me to stop by the neighbors house and pick up her money for the week. The Mr. was the only one home. His name is Jim and he is a very tall, handsome black man. Well he pointed me to the dining room table. I walked over and picked up the envelope and when I turned around I got a shock. Jim had pulled down his sweat pants and was just standing there with a smile. His d*** was huge, bigger than anything I had ever seen, even in p*** movies. I almost thought it wasn't real. I just stood there and stared at it. Jim broke the silence and said "do you like what you see?" I said something, I can't remember what, it sounded like nonsense.
Me ending up naked and foreplay are kind of a blur. But the feeling of Jim pushing that monster d*** in me I will never forget. I can only say FULL and STRETCHED. I was face down on the dining room table, legs dangling over the side with my feet barely touching the floor without a thought that his wife might come home any minute, or the fact he wasn't wearing a condom. Jim f***** me so hard it actually moved the table a few feet. I panicked when he announced he was c******. But it was too late and he had no intention of pulling out.
After I dressed and left I felt so ashamed. I went straight home and showered. Now I am pregnant and I am pretty sure the baby will be black. And now I am wondering about my daughter. Could Jim be the father of her baby? I am dreading the talk I am forced to have with her.

Dec 27

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  • It is highly likely that you and your daughter indulged in the forbidden fruit of your bbc neighbor with same outcome. After taking that risk, a conversation with your daughter will be a piece of cake. Instead of judgement on either side, you both will need to humbly carry on with the new lives your lusts have harvested.

  • Listen, celebrate the possibility that you and your daughter could be having a kid from the same man. Don't keep it from them after they are born. Indeed, you and your daughter should go over and share Jim openly, as soon as possible.

  • This must be a common situation in the world today because there are numerous similar confessions on this site.
    In each confession, the common denominator is always a married wife and her daughter get pregnant by a black guy.
    I'm a 46 year old African American male, maybe I should walk up to a white mother with her teenage daughter, whip out my BBC on them just to see what I get.

  • I am a black male with a nice 8 inch package. I used to live around Dallas. Even though i didn't have a kid I volunteered in youth sports. Little league baseball, midget football, soccer, you name it. It was like being the only one fishing in the pond! The little white sports moms fell out of the sky and landed on my c***! If I didn't have half a dozen kids it was a miracle.

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