Hooray for babies and family and the Red, White and Blue

I grew up in a rural community, my father was the agricultural extension agent, in a family of girls. One day this girl in our school got pregnant and the whole world talked about it. My mother called all the girls together. My grandmother was there to. We got a lecture I remember till today. Pregnancy is to be celebrated, any time, anywhere, anyhow. Embrace my friend at school, celebrate her pregnancy. She will do fine. But don't go out and get pregnant.

I met a guy in college, I was a freshman and he was an upperclassman. We met at an outdoor movie showing in the commons and he poked my ** with his **, to move me. I slapped at him, he caught my wrist and he submitted me with his look. I got poked later that night and not with his **. My first time, and although I knew everything there is to know about getting pregnant I got pregnant.

The guy was upset, he didn't want to get married, I went home and my mother said I was going to be ok and just be pregnant and enjoy it. Babies come and you love them and the you go on about your business. No baby ever got in the way of a woman doing what she wanted to do. I really got into the pregnancy and I looked forward to a natural birthing experience, farm girl style, and breast feeding. I felt like a total woman.

Women are made for babies. That's the truth. You make them pretty easily, and they slip out when they are ready and you produce so much milk its amazing and the baby eats and eats and eats and gets big and healthy. Have babies, lots of babies. But get the guy to marry you. My baby father did come around after he graduated and even though he didn't want to live in rural America where babies and apple pie and the Red, White and Blue are the thing to do, he stuck around and we made more babies.

Next Confession

For the days until puberty I was a girl

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  • I agree with the recent decision. Even ** victims should not be allowed abortions

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