I’m scared I’ll kill everyone in my class

I hate my school and I have no friends. I can’t stop myself from fantasizing about killing my classmates. The fantasies range from shooting them to eating them. It has become hard to focus on schoolwork because of my mind. I’ve been suicidal for most of my life and I’m sure that part of my me wants to take down as many people with me as I can. I don’t think my classmates deserve it, but the thoughts are still there.

Jan 2

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  • School is temporary and all the people in it are irrelevant to the rest of your life. Get decent grades and stay mostly clean and generally employable, you'll go a lot farther than those preppy faggots who peaked in 8th grade. You're better than them until you prove yourself otherwise by doing something stupid like murder or sexual assault. Just don't, just rise above.

  • Just don’t. Ending someone’s life is the worst things in the world. Also just try talking to people and improve your social skills.

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