Stinky Secret

Since the time i was young i was picked on at school and humiliated. No pretty girl would ever hang out with me, they would just laugh. My self esteem was really low and still is. That led to me developing a scat fetish or s*** fetish. So a couple years ago i was in starbucks by myself and im not sure why but i turned off the water to the girls toilet and waited for a girl to go in and go poo. Well it wasnt even 10 minutes later and someone did. She was young and very attractive. Someone that would never give me the time of day. Well i indulged and kept saying eat s***, eat s*** out loud while i gagged and choked and busted a huge load on the floor. I then left with my head hung low in shame as i saw her sittting at a table and she had know idea that i just literally ate s***. She probably would have agreed that thats what i was supposed to do anyways

Jan 5

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