No Lazy = 1 Year No Work Anniversary

I have worked since age 15 up until Jan 5, 2021 when I was " fired from the spa due to no fault of my own," because the owner of our company reduced our hours due to the CoVid19 pandemic and people have been calling me "lazy." Not only did I get unemployment from the mean Islamic witch who stabbed me in the back and tried to steal my client I made enough money from my 20% bitcoin investments from my savings that 1/5/2022 was the 1 year Anniversary of my vacation from work and I was able to pay all my bills!!! Congratulations to me, they talked so much ** behind my back and so many people betrayed me but I still made the dinero! The more they talk and throw dirt on my name the more blessed I am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Adonai. I am a Blessed, Prosperous and Highly Favored child of God. So excited for 2022!!!!!!!! Grateful for the clarity of who my real friends are and whom really loves me. Laughing my way to the bank...

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Trans Men Are NOT Biological Females

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    That was the biggest fake story ever on this website.

  • Nice move bro! Our Fed run bubble economy punishes workers and rewards speculators. That's why the idle rich get richer while the wage slaves get poorer.

  • The so called ‘idle rich’ are who create the jobs that you burger flippers perform. But you think you’re worth over $100K for your Mickey D’s work.

    You should have educated yourself beyond the 8th grade.

  • When a hairy goathumper puts on a hijab, it means she wants to get her Karen on. Islamic beetch.

  • Fucck you and fucck your lawyer. I could fit my whole fist in your rear end. I know where the male ** is, so I know which side of your recctum to tickle with my spindly **. You're gonna love it!

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