I Like Pretending to Be a Dog

I like to pretend I'm a dog on the regular in my free time. I used to do that as a kid. I have autism. My mom told me I couldn't have one. I did the next best thing, I pretended to be one. I reasoned weirdly enough, I had to prove I understood dogs enough to own one. That's what I remember thinking.
I considered myself a Beagle after some reading of dog breads. I even give myself the dog name, "Rocky." Such a tough name for a cute kid.

I did this for a long time, being obsessed with dogs. My mom and dad told me stop doing it, and I tried to many times, but I couldn't help myself. I enjoyed pretending. I was a weird kid. I did keep it to at home, luckily.

Today, I have my own place with a dog bed to sleep in. That not my only bed. I have some dog toys and dog food to eat. That's not my only food I eat. I love hanging out at the park. I stick my head out the window of my car on the way. I have dog ear headbands of different colors I like to wear, along with a costume tail hang onto my belt loop so I can wag it whenever I want. I renamed my dog side to, "Ricky Rocky."

My friend, let's call her Cristal, has dogs of her own. When I visit her, I act like a dog with them. She got used to my canine acting after finding out about it. She said it's strangely hilarious.

As you can imagine, I'm not a fan of cats. I get why people like them, but me and them are not on good terms. They hat me so I hate them.

I wish I had an owner. Having a dog doesn't excite me anymore. Being a dog is more exciting if you ask me. I want to be more canine.
After all this reflecting, I would confess that I'm strange to say the least. What's wrong with me?

Jan 17

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  • Ricky Rocky here...
    I was hoping for more of an AMA.

  • Did you get an owner sense this post?

  • Hello Mariah here, and I'm an American. My dog name is Luna

    You like being a dog more than a human. You and me both have a respect for canines. That's good. Cat are overrated anyways.
    Your next girlfriend could be your owner. LOL!

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