My wife spanked me

Ive posted here before about how my wife spanks me for my behavior or attitude if it upsets her. It is a part of our wife led domestic discipline relationship. It works well for us in resolving problems and communication.

I have been good for many many months but the other day I misbehaved. We were out with some friends and I said some things I felt was a joke about my wife to my friends. I immediately noticed on my wifes face that she did not find it funny. When we were away from our friends my wife told me how upset she was and found the comment very disrespectful. We argued back and forth as I felt it was just a joke. She ended the coversation with " you are going to pay for that comment at home". Most of the rest of the evening she gave me the silent treatment but when we got home we small talked and went to bed.

The next morning I had forgotten all about the argument when i heard my wife call from the upstairs to come to the bedroom. When I got to the bedroom I stopped in the door way and felt a panic go through me. I saw my wife standing by the bed with a very serious look on her face and holding the cane she uses for punishment. She told me to drop my pants. Caught off guard and not wanting to make things worse I obeyed and undid my pants, pulling them down. Then she told me to pull my boxers down. Again I obeyed and pulled them down. After standing there a minute she pointed at the bed and told me to bend over. She then said "you are being punished for the comment last night". With a sinking feeling I made my way to the bed and bent over awaiting the first strike. After much anticipation and fear I felt a searing pain across my lower butt followed by another and another until I lost count. When I thought I couldnt take it anymore my wife paused and lectured me on why I was being punished and how what I did made her feel. After she finished talking she resumed with the cane for what felt like forever. When she finally finished she told me to stand and asked if I had something to say. I apologized for my behavior and promised not to disrespect her that way again. My ass burned the rest of the day and it still hurts to sit today

Jan 19

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  • Being spanked helps me to stay in a obedient mindset.

    I should say my wife is not wanting a weak sissy guy. She wants me physically strong and toned and Manley. She wants me to be proactive and competent.


    She is the boss. What she says goes.

    So when she feels I've gotten a bit disconnected she'll say time for a bit of a refocus.

    I will get the ropes out and tie them to the corners of the bed. I'll get everything ready.

    I'll lie naked spread Eagle on the bed. She'll tie me stretched tight. She puts in the ball gag so I've something to bite down on and so she does not have to put up with my screams.

    Then she will whip me. It's excruciating. Usually about 50. The welts rise up and the skin is tender. The bruising shows up about a day later. It takes about 2 weeks to heal.

  • That's how males should be treated

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