Bit off too much

We are a swinger couple. We had had and lived out many fantasies. Back in August we arranged a fantasy that turned out to be too much.
We took a weeks vacation in the Florida Keys. Rented a large condo. Much more room than we needed, it slept 12. Monday thru Thursday we enjoyed the beaches, sun, food and nightlife. We had made many plans through several swinger websites. We actually invited 10 black males to join us Friday night and stay until Sunday morning. A weekend long g*******. Our biggest fantasy yet.
Well as anyone knows inviting 10 we actually netted 6 which we thought was pretty good.
Now I am a 29 year old white female. In good shape, attractive and thought I was the energizer bunny when it came to s**. I had this illusion I was going to chew these guys up and spit them out. Didn't happen that way. For 2 days I barely got more than 2 hours of sleep at a time. There was ALWAYS at least one guy h**** and ready to go at all times. From Friday night to Sunday morning I didn't put on a stitch of clothing. The guys barely gave me time to grab a snack. By Saturday night my p**** was red, swollen and sore. I usually don't do a***, especially with larger packing men, but by Saturday night it was necessary. S** Sunday morning was not fun for me at all. Both holes were sore and the guys were all eager to get one last nut before they left. When the guys left I was actually glad it was over.
I admit it, they won...

Jan 20

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  • Lucky girl, you will need to get that kind of s** from now on to get off๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ’„๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Wow, that sounds great. Sorry that you got sore and red. My wife makes sure she has lots of lube for multiple day fun like yours.

  • My wife and I went to a swinger party, there were six couples, one couple black. The back guy got all p***** off when I would not let him put that thing he had in my wife, she is 4'8" tall and only 93 pounds, and his d*** was more than twice the size of mine.
    It almost came to blows, might have but I had him by 40 pounds and nearly a foot taller.
    I seriously do not know how the dude can even walk.
    I figured he would hurt her, on the way home I mentioned that, she told me it would not have been a problem, and after all, I had f***** his wife earlier. Had to, my very first black p****.
    She kept muttering "shee-it" the whole time, I think I know why, I could have gotten my whole foot in there.

  • I did the same! Club Princeton in Ohio is a swing club known for interracial play. We (me and husband) posted and planned in advance a birthday party there for me. Basically an open invitation to males who attend the club for a g*******. I was so excited but when the time came I was also intimidated. There must have been 25 males (mostly black) hanging out at the club. Well we went into a room and the line formed. Roughly 4 hours later I tapped out. My jaws were hurting and my p**** was was too sore to take another guy. I was covered in c**. Many guys opted to stand over me and j******* on my face and t***. My husband kept count and said I had full, complete, to the end s** with 12 men. Several others tired but had some performance issues.

  • Ni gg er f ucking trash

  • This actually sounds like you are a cuckold couple where the husband likes to watch his wife being f***** by other men. Did your husband ever f*** you during the weekend or did he just watch and beat off?

  • He only watched and serviced himself. When I did get a quick rest he was very understanding and allowed me to get a quick nap. I guess you could say we are a cuckold couple. Husband loves watching me have s** with other men.

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