My time at falcon

I lived in a Christian group home, or also known as an orphanage, it wasn't small at all either it looked like a college campus, and we had tons of donations and parties, so we were far from poor. The only thing that bothered me was the fact that they were so strict such as the clothes you wore, what you watched, video games you played couldn't be demonic or have violence and disapproved from anything that seemed “sexual”. Girls and boys were split up by gender and ages. We had houses called cottages. They disapproved and did their best to stop girls and boys from dating yet get mad when they found a gay/lesbian couple. After a while though things got better, I finally found a good guy to date, it wasn't easy though we got in trouble a lot for simple dumb things and there of course was a lot of unnecessary drama always happening. I hated the rumors. Me and this guy were off and on constantly but even, so we loved each other.
Finally, February came, and I really thought things were going well, but rumors and drama started happening. February 17th, on a Monday he dumped me for good. I was honestly hurt because it was right after valentines, then I got even worse news that Friday I was told my mother passed away on February 17th… yes, I was in shock and in so much anger. I lost two people I loved most in one day. I didn't even know until that Friday though. I became atheist again and went through my grieving process. After two weeks I started dating again but with a new guy to get my mind off things and just keep moving forward (that didn't go well either).
But the thing I loved most was hearing that my ex’s mother died too. I know it’s messed up to feel that way, but it was so strange to me, but I didn't care that he deserved to feel pain too lmao. I don't feel bad for him just like he never felt bad for me. but anyways we got together in April 2021 like dumbasses for two weeks then broke up I don't know what to say lmao.

Jan 20

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