The value of pain

I used to wonder when I heard about kids cutting. I thought why would someone cut themselves. Just seemed weird.

Fast forward a few years and I started to get stressed because the marriage was on the rocks. I had problems at work. Life seemed to be going down.

One day I was feeling depressed and just squeezed one of my nipples and found the pain was distracting and then when I let go a feeling of relaxation washed over me.

Being curious, read a bit of stuff on the internet. I read that pain from spanking can reduce headaches. I read that submissive personalities get into a comfortable mental state called sub space.

Discussed with wife. She was initially skeptical and was adamant that there was no way I was spanking her. I assured her that was not what I was meaning.

Since then I have bought some nipple clamps and use them when I am feeling stressed. I have found that too much use though renders the nipples numb and so I try to do it in frequently. It's actually and interestingly a bit addictive. maybe I am a m********?

One day I woke with a headache. Wasn't sure why. Was I getting sick? Was I dehydrated? Was it stress due to some up coming deadline? I wasn't sure and asked the wife to beat me with a belt. She was quite hesitant and eventually did a few half hearted licks with the belt. I pleaded with her to really hit me hard. She did and t was really really painful but afterwards a wave of relaxation just washed over me. No more headache and renewed energy and focus.

I checked my bum and there were welts and some blood from broken skin. I offered my wife to look but she said she was not interested. I put on several pairs of undies so as to absorb any blood.

Went off to work.

That evening, I said to her that it had worked great.

With time she has become more willing to whip me but only when I ask. I think I am submissive and would love her to be a dominatrix but thats not her. In the mean time, I have continued to use pain as a distraction from stress.

Jan 24

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  • Read about FLR together. You need a home with a Female Led Relationship. It is relaxing knowing your place. Try it. It takes practice but frees up the couple. No arguments. You both will discuss an item but she makes the final discussion. She provides discipline. I make my husband stand in the corner & sometimes spank him.
    Your wife WILL control your o******. This is how this works. Keeping her husband with blue b**** makes him a lot more submissive to her. What is strange is when he c***, he does not like the feeling afterward. He will ask for longer times between c**. My husband has gone for as long as six months. But he spends a lot of time pleasing his wife.

  • I would rather be smothered with kisses than be whipped with a belt.
    If it makes you happy, who am I to judge?
    It's a fine line between pleasure and pain.
    I believe you have been abused in the past and having someone dominate you with punishment, most likely gives the abuser power over you.
    I think you like being dominated.
    I do not equate pain with love.
    If lashings of the belt ease you from stress and pain, i would want to get to the bottom of why this has this kind of effect on you?
    Perhaps it = salacious S**!

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