I hope this is a safe space for me to talk

Right, so ever since I was 15 years old, I've always wanted to marry a Chinese man so I could become a wife.

I honestly don't know why but basically during school the guys told me they didn't like me, there was one person who voted me as the ugliest girl in the school and then I got really fed up so I started talking to people online. I was added into a international eastern marriage and dating site by a Chinese guy and started to make friends with a now 33 year old Taiwanese dude who keeps in touch with me sometimes as he has my number. I just like older men in their thirties and I want to do anything for them but I want to stop this obsession with the east it makes me guilty and I wish that guy never added me into the sites, and I wish that bully in school never wrote that about me because it has been a interest for me, for years on end now. Rant over.

Jan 31

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