That went better than expected.

After my kids had all gotten to their mid/late teen years my husband and I found ourselves often home alone, I hadn't worked since we started having kids and was needing something to occupy my days so I took a job at a local restaurant/pub deal, and agreed to only work days, A few months ago one of the girls on evening shift called in and I decided to cover for her.
I work with a girl named Pam who has become a friend of mine and we often get together outside of work but that night we closed up and hung out for a while which turned into some wine and then a couple hours later I was calling my husband for a ride home...Oops. Anyway my husband has pretty much begged me since we started dating in college to try something wild, Aside from a few out of the ordinary places we have never gotten too crazy, He calls me a "post bottle of wine, lipstick lesbian" because every since college I have been kissing other girls when drunk just as a stupid drunk thing I do, I know it gets him all worked up and I don't know, I just seem to always end up kissing someone when I am drunk so I have probably kissed 90% of my friends and a handful of strangers.
My husband has always thought he was going to turn it into more and admittedly I have considered it but no, Anyway me and Pam were hanging out drinking some free wine and the head cook came out, Whispered something to her and was visibly unimpressed when she declined, I looked at her and she giggled, I said "What's that about?", She held up her pinky finger and I said 'Paaaam", She shrugged and said "Ugh, Yeah, A moment of weakness but not going there again". We laughed and continued talking, I had her over a few times and she had me my husband and then one night she was over and after she left my husband and I were laying in bed and he said "Sooo...That was quite the top Pam had on", I knew he would comment, She had worn a low cut top and pam has huge knockers.
I am 5'3", 130 pounds, Brunette, freckled and small chested and I am not impressed with them since having kids, Small, Saggy and streched out but, with a bit of a booty that my husband always claims is my best "Asset" if you will, Pam on the other hand is maybe an inch or two taller than me, Sort of an average build and has massive jugs but they are big and saggy, A pretty face, Big, Jiggly booty and dresses to flaunt what she's got. So after my husband commented on her I looked at him and gave him "The look" and he chuckled and said "Whaaaat, they're frickin big", I said "Yeah, Yeah, Obviously I know that", Long story short Pam ended up in our bed a while after.
I had sort of always expected my husband to be all over the other girl if we ever had another girl in our bed but he wasn't, I mean he did but not like right away, We just dove into bed and me and Pam were doing our stuff and she got on top, Kissed her way down my body and I fully expected to be all nervous and what not but whatever, It just happened and I melted right into it, Her big, Swinging b**** and honestly not the idealistic "Perfect body" but something about her just oozes s** appeal. She pushed my knees open and went right to work, I fully expected and would have been fine with it if my husband went for it and f***** her while she went down on me but he didn't, He definitely played back there but didn't f*** her yet and he more so waited for my permission and let me lead the way.
I needed to stop her before I came which was real close but my husband was sort of hanging out in limbo while me and her were doing stuff so I grabbed him, Pushed him on his back and had Pam suck his d***, I kissed him and talked to him until I could tell he was about to come, He is usually good for 2 and sometimes 3 if the mood is right so I wasn't worried, I sucked his nipples so I could watch Pam suck him and when he started to come she didn't miss a beat, Hands and knees bobbing up and down, Massive b**** jiggling all over and she just made a squeaky moan and I watched her swallow his load.
He usually takes a few minutes to recover and she kept sucking and stroking and it took no time at all, In fact I don't know tha he actually went fully limp, Pam looked at me, I nodded and she she straddled him and sat down, The look on her face and the moan she let out she was definitely not disappointed, I straddled his face and me and her did that for a while, We switched positions a couple times and somehow I ended up face down, 2 pillows under my hips, Pams face in my thighs and my husband behind her. We did about 372 positions (Obviously exagerated) but we did a lot and I sat on pams face, She sat on mine, Both me and my husband went down on her and vice versa, It was like 3 hours of just amazing s**, Everyone was fully immersed in it and in the end I basically had to bow out, I had Pam on her back, My husband doing her missionary and I was lifting her big saggy b**** and sucking her big, Pink nips and then told my husband I wanted to see him come on them. He was happy to oblige and we all collapsed in a big, Sweaty, Cummy pile on the bed, Rubbing his come on her b**** and mine and him groping us both and then we all just snuggeld up and fell asleep.
Note to self, Falling asleep with come all over you is not a great idea so in the morning I woke up, Showered and came back to bed, My husband and Pam were awake and the room smelled of s**, I didn't realize until later that they had f***** while I was in the shower but we had a grand finale that morning and it was damned near noon by the time it was all said and done.
Pam left and my husband told me everything, The morning s** while I showered, That he came in her the night before and that he could die a happy man which I hope doesn't happen any time soon because I may want a repeat...Threepeat...Whatever you wanna call it I think Pam should maybe be our "Unicorn" google it if you have to. Anyway, More would be good in my opinion and my husband has made it clear he would be happy to oblige found fun time.

Dec 13

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