My wife gets frisky when dancing with other men

Before the pandemic, my wife and I use to go to clubs and enjoy dancing. We didn't drink much, but both of us enjoyed dancing with others. She especially loved slow dancing with other guys and getting very close to them. Quite often, she would feel a guy when he got hard while dancing with her. When she felt their hard c***, she would playfully rub firmly against him and the guys always seemed to really enjoy it. At times, she admitted that she has orgasmed while doing this and the funny part about it is that there have been times when she could actually feel the guy pulsating while shooting his c** in his pants. She loved it and says it's almost like f****** on a crowded dance floor in front of lots of other couples. Just wondering how many other women have gotten a guy to c** while dancing with them. I have also gotten hard while dancing with other women, but have never c** in my pants because of it. I've only had one woman to actually dry f*** me, while we were dancing. I admit that it was nice and if the dance had lasted longer, I probably would have shot my load in my pants.. That was some fun days, for sure.

Feb 2

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  • Wife did that years ago when she would get drunk. She would grind her ass into guys' crotches and then them grope her b******. She loved the attention. Once, she turned and kissed a guy on the mouth on the dancefloor.

  • I have a lady friend who has made me c** in my pants 3 times while we have been out dancing.

  • I've never noticed that, but I'd definitely say that some of the men I've danced with must have come close.

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