Mind blowing!

I have to share this. First let me ask others to share your most amazing, mind blowing sexual experience ever???
I am fairly young at age 30. I married a much older man and due to a medical condition s** stopped nearly two years ago. We have an understanding. I am still sexually active. I love my husband and have no intention of leaving him. I am discrete and do not allow myself to let simple s** evolve into a romantic relationship. Actually I have taken this opportunity to expand my sexual horizons and get a little kinky. I usually have a couple of men on standby I can call for a hook up.
My experience happened two days ago. I stopped by LaShawn's house for a quickie. Yes LaShawn is black and has a c*** that most farm animals would be jealous of. LaShawn surprised me. He knows I am pretty open to new things and he had a friend there and asked if I might try a 3sum. I was all in for it. It was going great, I loved it. His friend was also pretty big downstairs. At one point I was riding his friend and I felt LaShawn get in behind me. I knew what was coming. I have tried a*** with LaShawn before and have not been able to take his size. I am not exactly built for a***. I am very small and most guys pretty much move me around like a doll in bed. But we were having fun and I was willing to try again. I felt LaShawn rubbing his c*** up and down my ass crack. Then he surprised me! I felt him trying to push inside my p**** along with his friend. It hurt a little at first, but when he started to get inside me WOW! I had never felt so full and stretched. When they both in position they started really f****** me. I had such an intense o***** I started shaking and felt light headed. And that was just the first o*****. I had never done this before and it was incredible! His friend got off first but he didn't pull out. LaShawn kept going for maybe another 10 minutes as I made out with his friend. After LaShawn unloaded inside me they finally pulled out and let me roll over. God I was a mess! I could feel their c** running out of me.
Like I said it was the most incredible experience I ever had. I want to hear from others about your experiences that went beyond good and made it great???

Feb 8

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  • Too jewish

  • My first time trying bi with another girl was pretty special.

  • Come on people. You have had to experience something sexually in your life that was kinkier or more intense than the normal?
    I am a guy. When I was maybe 45 I drove down to a remote river spot to do some fishing. There was a car parked by the river. As I pulled up next to it there were two half naked young guys having s**. They were maybe around 20. They enjoyed having an audience and smiled at me as they played. I got out and stepped over to their car. The boy opened the door and began giving me head. When I got good and hard I pulled him out of the car and bent him over the hood. As I f***** him in the ass his friend watched and jacked off.

  • Several years ago when I was in my fifties I was out of town (another state) and looking for some extra fun. Craigslist was big back then. I stumbled on an ad of a couple broke down in the area. They were in a hotel and didn't have the cash for car repairs. When I got to the hotel I was shocked and nearly left. There was a guy, maybe in his mid thirties with a young girl he claimed was his fourteen year old daughter. I am so glad I didn't leave. It was the most amazing s** of my life. She knew more tricks than my two ex wives and OH LORD she was tight!

  • I am a guy now in my 50's. My "mind blowing" sexual encounter happened when I was maybe 35. I had a 3sum with a married couple and managed to experience two things I had never tried before. We had a great time and both me and the husband had out turn with his wife. After a brief break the wife asked me to eat her c** filled p****. As I went down on her she grabbed my head and pulled it in tight as she squirmed. He husband got in behind me and poured lube in my crack and a minute later he was f****** me in the ass. GOD it felt amazing as I buried my face in her p****!

  • That is a hard one to beat. I could only dream about being serviced by bbc like that. Thanks for giving up your fat white a** for their pleasure.

  • Actually I am a tiny girl, not fat. And so far I have not been able to give him my ass. We have tried but he is too big.

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