I My Younger Brother

First some background. I'm 18 years old, I'm going to trade school for HVAC Technology and Mechanics,.I have a girlfriend and a full time job as a plumber's apprentice. I've always been driven, ambitious and most people think of me as resonably intelligent. I have good hygiene and grooming, I stay in shape, and I've been told that I am an attractive guy... (and not just by my mom😆). My 15 year d younger brother is the exact oposite.. He is dirty, lazy, grossly obese, (easily over 450lbs) selfish, lazy, gluttonous, effeminate and arrogant. He refuses to go to school, sceams at my patents when he is told to do anything that resembles getting his act together, he steals money from my mom's purse, he smells, he stuffs his fat face constantly. He sits around in his underware and plays video games all day long and into the late night with his weird gamer buddy who is at least 3 years older than him. His room is a pigsty with empty food containers and plates strewn around the room... The other day there were dozens of flies on the windows and the smell wafting out of the room is enough to make you puke. My mom just shrugs and keeps the door closed...

I also recently have started to suspect that he is homosexual...The other day I came home from work early to study for an up coming test. My parents were at work. I came into the house to find my fat f*** slob of a brother and his gamer friend in the master bathroom with the door closed and lock doing God knows what... All I could hear was muffled grunting, panting and what sounded like something soft being slammed or bumped against the wall. I knocked and asked what was going on but everything went quite and of course I got no answer... After about 20 minutes they came out of the bathroom and my revolting piglet of a brother was sweating worse than usual, huffing and puffing and red faced. The back of his barely fitting sweat pants had fresh dark stains on them like he had sat in something wet. His accomplice looked stoned and relaxed like he was recovering from a good handjob..Both of them were giggling like two little scholl girls with a juciy secret. I went to my room and got violently ill at the thought if what probably took place in my parents bathroom...
Of course a lot of it is my mom and step dad's fault as they have coddled him and enabled his disgusting habits since he was a fat toddler. They thought his chub was cute and that he would eventually grow out of it. They're still waiting... The problem is they feed him tons of junk food. They let him eat to excess at every meal and they make all kinds of excuses for his awful selfishness and laziness. The other day when I mentioned the fact that what they were doing is wrong, I was told to mind my own business and that I didn't understand what my brother is going through. The truth is I would like to take his fat disgusting h*** ass, tie him up, throw him in the back of my truck, drive him into the middle of the Mojave Desert and leave him there for the rattle snakes and the buzzards..... Does that make me a bad person because I think about doing it everyday.

Feb 9

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  • No it doesn't make you a bad person but your younger sloppy obese f***** of a brother sure is. He sounds like a disgusting deviant and your parents are idiots... Letting him grow up like that is insuring that he will never amount to anything and he will just bleed them dry in there old age. If I were you, I would take the fat pig out and beat the blubber and the f***** out of him.

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