The person I despise

I’m 15 and this is my confession. This girl at my school (we used to be friends until she backstabbed me), she turned some of my friends against me to the point where they act like I’m some deadly disease. I know she turned them against me because she’s done the same thing before, but with other old ‘friends’ of mine. She likes making my life h***. My family keep saying that she's not bullying me, even though in middle school, I came home crying every day from the 'nicknames' she gave me. She would point out my insecurites, out me, talk about my father (exposing the fact that my dad was never there for me). She kept saying how I should you know, end my life, since I have a lot of insecurites. Whenever I vent about how she’s making my life h***, I just start imagining her dying and feeling (happy I guess). I know I shouldn’t even be thinking that, but I hate her so much, my brain just decide to please itself with her dying and suffering for everything she’s put me through. I can’t talk to anyone about this, so yeah.

Feb 9

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