Why are people so uptight?

Why is ** such a big deal for so many people? I have grown up in a home where the human body is not seen as a bad thing and ** is no big deal. I have seen my parents naked hundreds of times. I am a teenage girl with a teenage brother. We have no problem changing in front of each other, showering or sharing a bathroom. We have even slept in the same bed together either naked or wearing just basic undies. There is no **, ** or anything freaky going on. My friends don't understand, they freaked out when they first saw how comfortable we are in our home setting. When I do have friends over we all have to be very careful and make a special effort not to embarrass them. I don't understand their hang up on **. Why is it such a bad thing to so many people???

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Not sure how to deal with this.

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  • My first experience with family ** was when I went to California for college, and lived with my aunt and uncle.
    Imagine my surprise to wake up that 1st morning and my aunt was making breakfast, totally naked. I had never seen a naked female before except in National Geographic, this was in 1962, the world was much different back then.
    Then in walked my uncle, also **, followed by my cousin, a female, barely 14. She would plop down on the couch across from me and carelessly spread her legs, I know she was teasing me.
    It took me about a month to get used to it, then I was naked also. It took that long before I could do it without getting an **.
    To them, being ** at home was perfectly normal. I did notice they always went and got dressed when Grandma came to visit.

  • Welcome to America. Land of the oversexed but sexually repressed and chalk full of hang-ups

  • *CHOCK full. You were so, so close, champ.

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