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While I was married to my ex wife, she knew about my dressing as a woman, she didn't like it but she knew about it. On our second Halloween together, she knew that the store I worked at wants their employees to come to work in costume, I didn't get dressed last year, so I was surprised when she suggested I get dressed as a woman for work & she said she would help me. The day before Halloween, she took me to the salon she goes to & had my body waxed, a pedicure, long acrylic nails applied to my finger, my hair cut & styled into a feminine cut, a complete makeover, which included having my eyebrows waxed really thin & arched & my ears pierced. The next morning, she helped me get dressed in a black, mini dress, shiny, suntan pantyhose, black, open toed high heels, a pair of black, over sized, hoop earrings in my pierced ear & a black purse to carry which had all of my makeup in it. When I got to work, all of the girls I worked with asked me why I plucked my eyebrows & pierced my ears, they were all talking about me wanting to be a girl. After work we all went to the bar, I had my wife meet us there. When the girls asked my wife about how I was dressed, she told them that I dress like this all of the time at home & that I told her that I wanted to be a girl & date men. On one hand I was mad but on the other hand, I was glad that everyone knew the truth about me.

Feb 17

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  • I was out with some buds, we went to a bar that had live music. I spotted this nice-looking gal sitting at a table with two guys, so I went over and asked her to dance.
    We danced several numbers, during one slow dance she snuggled up real close, I was thinking I was scoring big time.
    She said her name was Michele.
    That all went well, when I got back to my table, my friends were laughing like crazy.

    Turned out the "gal" was a GUY in drag, I think they knew already but I sure could not tell. Dame shame too, he was cute, but I don't swing that way.

  • You sound sexy

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