I love dressing as a girl

I love dressing as a girl. I have been doing this since I was 8 yrs old. When I was 14 years old, my parents went out and were to be gone for about 4 hours. As soon as they left I ran to my sisters room and started getting dressed in her clothes. I put on a pink pair of pantys and matching bra, then found her suntan pantyhose and put them on, as luck would have it,I just polished my toes the night before a dark red, then I went to her closet & got her white, long sleeve turtle neck sweater & her grey mini skirt with a black belt & put them on. I wore her grey open toed heels with a ankle strap.I then went to my moms room & sat at her vanity and put on her makeup.I styled my long hair in a feminine look then sprayed moms perfume all over myself. Sitting in front of moms mirror,I crossed my legs & got the matching color nail polish and started doing my finger nails.I was doing my last nail with a second coat when all of a sudden I hear foot steps coming toward moms room,then I hear what are you doing? it was my mom,why are you dressed like that, do you want to be a girl? all I could manage was a weak yes,that is when I got my ears pierced & eyebrows plucked, I love you mom

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  • Why not

  • Why would dress your son like a girl

  • I dress my son in girls clothes. Not dresses but tee shirts shorts and the like. He is only 10 so i get to choose

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